At Allied Immigration Services, we aim to provide you with professional advice regarding your eligibility to apply for a valid visa.

We will determine your visa pathway and advise if you are ready, or not to apply for an Australian Visa. Once we agree to proceed, you will be assigned a team and we will outline a time-line for your file to progress. We work with most of our clients over a number of years, from the preparation and lodgement of your first visa, right through to becoming an Australian Citizen. We manage the process throughout and it’s our pleasure to say that we make many of our clients cry tears of joy with that phone call saying “Your visa is granted!” This is overwhelming for each and every one of our clients.

Immigration advice

A Registered Migration Agent (RMA) will provide advice on whether your application will meet the set criteria for your particular visa application and then oversee and ensure that it has been prepared and can be lodged validly to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Important Points

  • The Department of Home Affairs expects an application to be lodged as “Decision Ready”. That means ALL documents must be in order before or at time of lodgement. This means the preparation of your visa can take longer (prior to lodging), however once a case officer is assigned to your file, they should be in a position to make a decision on you Visa Application.
  • Once a Visa is lodged, we are unable to advise you on how long it will take for your visa to be processed.  processing time are published on the Departments website and are updated regularly.
  • We will provide you with a link to published processing times, however we cannot follow-up with the Department unless the processing time has lapsed.

The Department may make a decision on your application without requesting further information.

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Allied Immigration Services experts provide specialised services to assist you in obtaining the following Australian Visas or, with specific advice in the following areas:

Our Journey Together

The best place to start your journey is by getting immigration advice from a Registered Migration Agent. At Allied Immigration Services we have helped with many successful stories from across the world. Contact us to see if you are eligible for an Australian Visa.

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